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Back then, socks were worn with shoes just because. However, nowadays, it should probably (or it already is!) be part of every man (or woman’s) fashion list. Colored and printed socks – we’ve seen these in movies, magazines, etc but what exactly makes them a necessary accessory?  The devil is in the details, and your choice of sock can say a lot about you to a lot of folks: your employer, your date and if you don’t have any left in your sock drawer, your mom.

Let me introduce you to Richer Poorer, whose heart of the brand is “to make everyday products better than themselves.” Richer Poorer’s lightweight cotton socks take any “ordinary” outfit up a notch with patterns and colors. “In the monotony of their weekly wardrobe we hope to give people something to look forward to; something to talk about.” Everything from their colors to the cut is looked at then looked at again to make sure it's just how they want it. They pull inspiration from retro patterns and vintage materials, but re-purpose them for today's fashion.

So how can you style and pair your current wardrobe with Richer Poorer? Here are a few helpful tips on how to go from a guy to a stylish gentleman.


The Neutral Sock

This is your classic dress sock: sophisticated, subtle and suave. While you may see the hint of argyle or pin dots, this is typical against a traditional dark blue or black dress sock. This men’s sock is traditionally been reserved for formal occasions and the corporate environment, although the latter’s dress is dramatically moving to brighter and bolder — at least when it comes to socks.

Some general guidelines to be mindful of:

  • DO NOT match your socks to your shoes or shirt.
  • DO NOT match your socks to exactly the same shade of your pants.
  • DO match your socks to a similar shade of your pants.


The Color Block Sock


This men's sock is bold; it includes bold, bright colors blocked together. So, maybe patterns aren’t your thing because they’re a little too complicated for your styling preferences — a pop of color is the next best thing. Make a statement with ease.

The rules for wearing this sock:

  • DO NOT match your socks exactly with the rest of your look.
  • DO wear accenting colors to enhance your look i.e., a contrasting or complementing sock to go with your tie.
  • DO try a color that you like but might not want to wear a lot of.


The Patterned Sock

This men’s sock adds character; it includes bold patterns set against bold color. Everyone likes someone who’s got a little bit of personality, and you’ll have a lot with this sock! The quirky sock is cute in the beginning but grows old fast. Make sure to pick a pattern that’s unique but still classy. Think dapper color and remember, people may smile at your bacon and egg patterned socks in the beginning but will find it childish in the end.

How to wear this sock:

  • DO NOT match the pattern of your socks with a pattern in your ensemble.
  • DO wear patterned socks when minimal patterns are in play.
  • DO have some fun, and dare to go outside the box!
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