Benny Gold: One Of Streetwear’s Most Celebrated Labels

Benny Gold is a San Francisco based streetwear brand and boutique. It started as a small project between a close knit group of friends and family, and has now blossomed to one of the most celebrated authentic streetwear labels. As a brand, they emphasize the importance of staying true to your passions, living by the mantra of growing up without growing old
The founder and owner worked as a graphic designer for corporate agencies before pursuing Benny Gold. As he said in an interview, "I had spent the majority of my 20s bringing other people’s dreams to life, and I didn’t want to spend another twenty doing the same”. He believed that he could do more with his ideas if he would cultivate his creative freedom and resign from corporate. From there, Benny Gold was born.
The brand started with a simple sticker design that he decided to post around his town. The original glider stickers were inspired by the old mantra, "Stay Gold." It is a reminder that the ideas and experiences we hold dear are the real gold that is inside each one of us. Staying gold is what shapes us, what preserves our sense of self, and what keeps us young. When it came time for him to establish his brand, he stayed true to that concept and that's how Benny Gold came to be and will continue to be.
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