Champion Life - SS18

SS18 Release
Champion’s core spirit never changed, but their quality and designs get even better all of the time.
Born on the athletic fields of a Missouri military academy. The Feinbloom brothers in Rochester N.Y. made sweaters the school issued as jerseys to their football team. Champion Knitwear Co. soon took on the challenge of bringing athletic wear to college sports. The result was a cotton-rich, heavyweight fleece so sturdy and comfortable it replaced the woolen standard and the legendary Champion Reverse Weave was born.
Coaches in different fields loved the durability of the clothing they became the standard issue for college athletes. Champion came to symbolize the love of sport and soon found a home in college merchandise across the United States.
The iconic C logo was later added to the left sleeve of every merchandise and still sets the standard for Authentic American Athletic wear. For nearly 100 years, Champion outfitted everything from pick-up games to military training to USA Olympic teams.
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