Primitive: The brand made out of passion

Primitive was born when Paul Rodriguez left Plan B. It started when he produced a batch of 500 gold-colored skateboard decks for a one-off sale and was sold off in just "two minutes". He wanted to produce more but realized that he needed a proper infrastructure to handle the process. Together with Netkin and all of Rodriguez's other partners in the Primitive brand, they all agreed to establish "Primitive Skateboards" as a new brand under the main label.

During an interview on April 10, 2014, with the initial team consisting of himself, Nick Tucker and Carlos Ribeiro. Rodriguez explained to the media: "To create my own board brand and have a chance to be a part of skateboarding beyond just being a pro skater is a dream come true. Rodriguez explained in June 2014 that the Primitive Skateboard brand was not conceived as part of a "master plan", but was an idea that emerged in 2012, when he realized that, if he didn't start his own skateboard deck company at the time, the opportunity would never return: "It would’ve been foolish of me to let that opportunity go by and stay in a regular sponsorship." Although, Rodriguez remained with his sponsor at the time, Plan B, for a year before he finalized the decision, it was because he had experienced success with the brand and was close to all of the people involved.
Primitive also recruited professional skateboarders to be part of the business. Tucker was assigned professional status in November 2014, making him the only other Primitive Skateboarding professional other than Rodriguez at the time. Bastien Salabanzi, formerly of Flip Skateboards and Antiz, was recruited as the third Primitive Skateboarding professional on January 5, 2015.
Primitive Apparel is now available exclusively online at
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