RIP N DIP is a Los Angeles based clothing brand originally founded in Orlando, Florida in 2009 by Ryan O'Connor. They have a very specific voice and it often focuses on eccentric designs that aren't afraid to stray from the norm. It is the brand that will keep your dreams alive, started out as just a group of friends at skate camp who wanted to shred in something else than the wack camp-issued gear. Today, it’s a serious label churning out full collections with a legitimate presence in the skate world.


O’Connor and his crew developed Rip N Dip the old-fasioned way, which in pre-internet times meant screen-printing tees in his mom’s garage, driving around the country giving away shirts to kids at skate parks, and storing the brand’s inventory in his cramped apartment.


IDGAF attitude that oozes out from its designs, shirts, camp caps and cut-and-sew collections. Streetwear is forever relevant and Rip N Dip is a prime example of why.

Available at The Nines Website

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