Thrasher Mis-print Shirt: It only gets better

Thrasher Magazine is the world's number one place for everything skateboarding and is the longest running skate mag ever. In the game for over 30 years, the iconic brand sure knows a thing or two about the skateboarding world.
One of the things that they do know very well, is how to make great looking, hard wearing clothes and accessories.
In a world full of half-pipes and kick-flips, each and every crew lights up the streets in flames with one of the most iconic skater accessory is the Thrasher Flame tee, the most badass shirt you could ever possibly dream of buying.
Recently, the iconic shirt was served a different look, a mis-print. The iconic flame was printed on a heather-grey shirt. Still, badass and worth something to hit the pipes with.
Now Available at The Nines Uptown Mall BGC
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