The Nines: Rinse & Repeat

An introspective look deep within can reveal a lot about oneself, but how exactly does one navigate through life’s tiresome hurdles en route to humanistic enlightenment? Answers will vary depending on who you ask, however, those who continuously strike a balance between professional fulfillment and personal growth all have one thing in common; a stubborn “sticktoitiveness.” 
If there is one thing that the current COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it's that life goes on—even in the face of ill-timed adversity. With waves of uncertainty doing its part to crush the human psyche, how does one pick up the pieces and move forward? Not easy to answer by any means, those resilient enough to repress complacency and spark change do so in the harshest of climates, setting a precedent for all others willing to follow suit.
Meant to inspire & electrify, Manila-based retailer The Nines designed a collection that embraces the cycle of rising, falling, & rising again. The offering comes at an opportune time; not only for a nation fighting off a merciless intruder, but for those within its borders fighting to preserve its future.

"Life is all about the evolution."

The Nines recruited visual artist & can-doer Zoë Rosal to spearhead the design direction for the homegrown collection. With roots in music & illustration, Zoë was inspired by rappers 2Pac & J. Cole, alongside Henri Matisse & the relatable everyday humdrum of doing laundry
Stamped along the back is the simple, yet poignantly powerful phrase, “Rinse & Repeat.” The term acts like a philosophical bridge that unites strength with adversity, courage with flexibility, reminding us to work through hardships with a certain sense of pride. Life may not always be fair, but in time’s of complicated distress, those with the ability to push past their “means” more often than not come out on top.
This philosophical tenet, Rinse and Repeat, is perfectly encapsulated in J.Cole’s Track “Change,” reciting lyrics like “I live up, I look up, now I’m back for more.” Released in 2016 via “4 Your Eyes Only,” the song does its part to empower the human condition, and lends itself well as a focal point of reference. Sandwiched in between the expressive phrase, is an ornate design featuring one of the country’s national gems.
Regarded as the national flower of the Philippines, a lone sampiguita bloom is the perfect symbol of love, devotion, purity and hope. Habitually offered in the form of a woven necklace, these flowers are personified in an eternal dance expressing motions like the stages of grief.
The design in its entirety—falling seven times in eternal dance behind and rising strong front and center, all represent an individual’s journey to resilience. In order to come back strong as a nation we must first overcome the conflict in ourselves.We rise. We fall. We rise again. In other words, Rinse and Repeat—the cycle continues.
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the nines x rinse & repeat

Rinse & Repeat collection features design that shows cleanliness, resiliency and hope for everyone in facing today’s problems. In collaboration with the artist Zoë Rosal, we have made it possible and together, we rise again.

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